Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Henry Chronicles

The Henry Chronicles #23

Its seems like a roller coaster, lately. Derrick and me. I mean, after I heard Josie talk about Derrick that morning, I was really sure it was over. Really..really over with Derrick and me. I thought it would be best. Well, at the time. I was kind of mad. OK, I was totally mad at me. I guess. 

And then, I get down to the library.. thinking I’m pretty much going to be a shelver any day now..and this old lady who works in the back ask me for help on the computer. Me. Yeah. 

So she showed me the instructions to follow. You know, the input they want on records for items in the library. Like, you know, the ISBN. And before I know it, I’m doing her job. She was so nice. 

She told me how everyone was on vacation and she was left on her own and she didn’t remember things like she used too. Even covering books was a chore for her. So I did some of that too. 

We actually spent the day together. And it was great, listening to her stories about her life. And then she got to talking about her older brother, who’s gay. He’s been with his partner forever. It was really great to hear that they were together. Still. I mean, they overcame a lot. OK, so they never moved to New York City nor San Francisco. But they quietly went about their business, and nobody made a big deal about it.

I dunno. It just gave me hope. That it could be like that for Derrick and me too. I know. I’m dreaming again. But I really think its possible. Especially, if we don’t rush into anything.

Oh, and I got a job at the library. Only, I’m not shelving books. I’m helping out in TECH.