Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just Tara

Just Tara

Tara did her best to ignore what she'd found out the first five minutes. It was more like two as she hit the bed in thought and hugged her pillow.

She really needed to tell someone about this.

It wasn't long until Lorde was back with groceries. She could hear her shout for Jones, and he was there like a good boy and helped put away packages of sausages and the like in the freezer.

Tara felt as if she needed to make herself invisible. She held her breath. Which she soon realized was ridiculous. She got up to look at her paper, but she couldn't concentrate. Not after what she'd seen.

But her heart wasn't beating as fast now and she didn't think anyone noticed she'd cracked open her door. Tara grabbed her mobile and dialed the first person she could think of. Maxie.

"Well, isn't this a surprise?" He sounded as cute as ever. Generally, he did the phone calls and texting.

"I should have text." She changed her mind.

"Shall I go?" He sounded is he were game, if that was how she liked it.

"Wait." She couldn't dare tell him, like this."I-I.."


"Not particularly."

"Not even for a spot of tea?" He laughed softly.

"Right. Yeah. A spot of tea." It was settled. He could pop around, but she told him she could meet him up the street by the football fields.

Tara bundled up for the cold. Although, she knew she'd warm right up as soon as she saw him. He had that kind of affect on her. Naturally, Lorde was at the stove and something was sizzling. Even her banger and beans were divine.

"Where, you off too?" Lorde remind her about her revisions.

"I'll be back. I won't be a minute." Tara promised, but she could tell by Lorde's smile that she didn't believe her.

"Its Maxie, is it?"

Tara only gave a nod and was out the door. Of course, it was freezing out. What ever was she thinking? She gritted a shiver and ran to keep warm.

It wasn't long until she met up with Maxie. Naturally, it was easy to fall into an open kiss and a hug that she couldn't let go of.

"Is this all, you needed?" He grinned.

"You, wish." She gave him a playful, shove but they were soon holding each other against the cold wind.

 Soon they made their way to the pub, but it wasn't drinks they came for. Just a booth in the far corner and a pot of tea along with a slice of cheese cake to share.

"You, are very good at being evasive." He told her as he put a strand of her wind whipped hair behind her ear.

"I shall remember that." She was a bit coy, but she let a smile slip. Then she sighed.

"I saw something." Tara took the fork with a bit of cheesecake. She fed him a bite too.

"Well?" Maxie shrugged, but his arm was around her, and she felt quite comfortable. Perhaps she could forget.

"Its about Jones." She looked at the slice of cake and forked another piece.

"OK." Maxie was straight lipped. He took a sip of tea. She didn't dare want to tell and having him spew tea all over the place.

"I want to keep it a secret. I really do." Tara looked at Maxie as he put down his cup.

"Would it make, you, feel any better if, you, whispered it in my ear?" He leaned in.

Tara sighed as the fork hit the saucer. /she put her hand over his ear and her lips finally went to work. "Jonesy wasn't with Mini. He was with Matty."


  1. Sometimes whispering makes all the difference.


  2. Whatever makes it easier for her.

  3. I think they are sweet. I hope they'll talk a lot more.