Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Henry Chronicles

The Henry Chronicles #24

So..I know..all should be fine and dandy. I have a job. I have a boyfriend. And we go out. He likes to be seen with me. And..I think we are really great together. We have this talent show to get ready for on the 4th of July. We took in another Topher concert.

God, I dunno if Derrick is in awe of this dude, or he just hates his guts. But he’s so focused on us winning at this showcase down on the river. 

He signed us up and everything. Its official. I’m in a band. Ha ha. I just play the drums. Derrick plays bass and he does the singing. I was kind of hoping he could find some other people, but I guess I’m OK with us. The two of us doing this band thing. Its together time, you know. brother Aidan showed up at the concert. I didn’t even know he was home. 

Naturally, Derrick makes me feel I don’t tell him anything. So.. I have an older brother who is married, off in San Diego. Well, he was married. 

See..his wife Elaine has the awesome powerful job. She makes the money. He doesn’t. I dunno if that was what the fallout was or what. But now he’s home and he wants alimony. I just can’t believe he would do that. Its crazy. They have been together since high school.

I always thought of my brother as a GO GETTER, you know. I mean, he was going to be a lawyer. I dunno what happened.

I hope he’s OK. I have to spend some time with him. Except, someone wants me to spend all my time with him.

Got any guesses?

Yeah, sometimes, its not easy being Derrick’s boyfriend.