Monday, February 10, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #24

"You, want me to punch him, next time he's around?" It was the last thing I ever thought would come out of Sam's mouth. Why in the world did I discuss anything with Liza and Sam? After all, they were inseparable these days. Even at the pub.

Sam got the drinks as we were waiting for Pip.

I shook my head, no.

"You, are just as bad as he is?" Liza snapped.

"Yeah," I winced as if that wasn't so helpful. I nursed the lager as if I need a pity party of some kind. It was easy to see they were rather disgusted with my love life. If I could actually call it that.

" thank you, mam, I gather?" Liza swelled a frown, but there was Sam close who would be there to catch her if she were to fall off the bar stool.

It was quite sweet. How come Liza had the better girlfriend?

I avoided Geo's text at all cost now. Just when we'd finally found some sort of quaint relationship, I go and do this to him. Naturally, Will didn't stay around to talk after our little tryst.

"Bex, you really..really have to have a chat with this on again, off again boyfriend of yours." Liza pointed out as she drank her juice which Sam sauced with a bit of rum, a secret stash in her coat pocket.

"That's just it. I dunno what we are." Now I did sound like a pity party. Yet who would listen but these two? "Its all my fault, isn't it? We should have.. just stayed friends." But that would have been right boring and I really didn't want to listen to all the rot he probably would have told me about his sorted flings. Maybe. Of course, not once had he mentioned the lass in Spain.

Yes, it would hurt. Awkward, no less to rehash this out. But it needed to be done. I supposed.

Finally, Pip showed. No Simon. Did he go anywhere with her anymore? Had she just sucked the sex out of him and been put to bed? What was their secret?

She was smiling and texting.

"What's up?" I took a peek at her text. It was juicy and it was from my half brother, Ben.


  1. It feels like trouble is on the horizon.


  2. maybe it is good that she is out with different people? Not sure on the gossip though.