Monday, January 20, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #21

"What happened?" Ben wanted to know even if he was a continent or so away. There he was bugging me about it on FACE TIME.

I really didn't feel like talking about Geo. As it was I was hiding out in my room. Afraid, Pip and Liza were thinking the worst. Evidently, Ben did too.

"We talked." Did I need to say more? Maybe my so called brother knew more about me than I wished. "Why don't we talk about you?" Couldn't we turn the tables? Everything was fine here. Well, sort of.

"OK." He was even lipped about it. Still he didn't dare mention his job. Even if he had one. Well, I guess he did. How else could he afford a phone plan like this. We could talk about Dad. But that seemed to be a forbidden subject. "What's there to know? I'm drama free."

"Oh, well put." I wanted to say he was a bit self righteous sort, but I didn't want to make him mad. I did enjoy our chats.

"I'm not seeing anyone. OK." His face tensed on the small screen. A part of me really wanted to be there. So I could really know him. Perhaps he felt the same way.

"Nothing happened." I got it. He must have thought I was sauced and a slapper too. "Geo, really is great."

"Oh, really. So he's just a mate?"

"Yeah. Obviously." I guess it was so.

"And its official then, you and Will are over?" Now that question stung. I thought so. Wasn't like we needed to have it in writing.

I didn't want to think about Will. I doubted he thought of me at all. As it was he gave me the cold shoulder in the halls at school. Really, my life was not complicated. The more I listened to Ben I was beginning to feel troubled.


  1. I wish he would just listen to himself for once.


  2. I think that her life is more complicated than she thinks :(