Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Just Tara

Maxie & Tara

Well...something was bubbling inside Tara's essence. Happiness. Maybe no one noticed. She didn't want anyone too.

Matty was busy with someone. Obviously. The truth was he didn't have time for either Maxie nor Tara. And quite possibly it was a blessing in disguise. Or so she wanted to believe now as she walked the halls at school a wee bit more upbeat.

But Emmy noticed. All Tara suggested was a catch up. Naturally, Emmy was up for it if shopping was involved. So they went to the shops and Tara window shopped while Emmy tried on outfits. Really, it wasn't quite as exciting as it used to be. Especially, since Maxie was on her mind now.

It was just sweet.

"What's going on with, you?" Emmy was her usual moody self. Perhaps all was not wonderful with her college bloke.

"Nothing." Tara knew not to bring Maxie up as they drank coffee outside in the chill of winter at the little bistro Emmy was fond of. It was Italian. She was really into Italian at the moment.

"Oh, don't give me that." Emmy was sometimes too smart for her own good. At least, Tara was beginning to think as she sat there wishing she was off with Maxie, in the dark at the theater. He liked to mix the popcorn with gummi bears. Who knew it would be so good. "What's going on with you?"

"Why? I..I'm just getting used to classes, again." Tara knew Emmy wanted her to be as disgruntled as she. Or was it that she needed Tara to cheer her up? Some way. She really didn't know how anymore. It was really quite a dreadful job.

Still, a certain happiness pulsed through Tara, and she couldn't let Emmy take that away.

"You're seeing a boy, are you?" Emmy squinted with disgust.

"Well.." She wasn't sure she needed to explain Maxie. "We're the same age." Which wasn't quite true. He was a year or two younger. Although, she might have looked four years older.  Tara sighed.

"Can't, you get a man?" Emmy stressed, that if Tara was to succeed in life, she needed to calculate some one older, who was going to treat her with a good life.

Emmy was quite like a tornado when she wanted to be. Her words could always tear into Tara as if she'd never be much of anything. Evidently.