Monday, January 13, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #20

I knew Pip thought I was crazy. Maybe Geo was crazy. Well, I'm not sure what he was expecting, the way he was all over me.

"Stop." I finally told him when we were off to the dance floor.

"But why?' His thick French accent was perfect. If I looked him in the eye long enough, I'd fall for him all over again.

"We have to talk." I told him. "We have too." So I practically dragged him out of the club. We didn't need to be influenced by the music nor the drinks. Besides, I wanted to really see him in the light. Was it really him?

Well, it smelled like him. Smoke with a hint of cinnamon. And he was still so close. His arm resting on my waist. But I walked on toward the little coffee shop. And the heat from the club was wearing thin. Winter was definitely here to stay. I huddled closer hoping he told me everything.

We settled in the far corner with coffee and I got a slice a berry pie as if we were really paying customers. Of course, Geo kept quiet with his arm around me. He kept playing with my hair as if he'd missed it.

"Why didn't you tell me, you, were back?" I looked him over. All though, a part of me wished I'd slipped to the loo and texted Ben.

Funny, I could see ben giving me face time with the third degree about what I was doing with Geo, but it was a comfort to see Geo.

"I never left." He finally confessed.

"You never left?" I winced. "But..but what about Canada?"

"I don't have the money." His lashes flutter. "Besides, doubt they'd even let me in the country." He almost smiled as if he might be a bit of a rebel of some kind.

"What have you been doing?" I shook my head, thinking how he said he'd never see me again.

"Working. At the club." He was closed lipped about it.

"The club?" I frowned. "You, were never going to tell me?"

"Look, you were with him. Better off with him. I didn't want to cause you, any-" He looked at me as he ran his fingers through my straight hair. He pulled a few strands out of my eyes and put it behind my ear. "I-I didn't see you with him tonight..and..and I thought." He pressed his lips tight. "I missed you. I haven't stopped thinking about you." He sighed. "Are you still with him?"

I shook my head, no. Even though, I felt a little guilty because I hadn't thought of Will. I didn't want to think about him.

I cut into the pie with a fork then, and fed a piece to Geo.


  1. I wish she would have been truthful there.


  2. She needs to figure out what she wants, before people get hurt.