Friday, January 10, 2014

The Henry Chronicles

The Henry Chronicles #20

I really really wanted to help with moving Josie to Derrick’s house. I mean, it’s kind of great that Josie is going to be right there with Derrick. I mean..not RIGHT THERE. She’ll have her own room.

Honestly, I had such good intentions..and then Derrick doesn’t even help. I’m stuck with him and his music. He’s wanting to get together with Topher. What is wrong with him?

1. I don’t like Topher. Not that I’m jealous or anything. But he was a jerk to Josie. Yes. a jerk. And I can’t stand him.

2. I saw him with Audrey at the library. Ugh..she used to be his babysitter. God knows, what they are doing now. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

3. Audrey has my job and its just a matter of time that it will be mine because she is going to crack. She’s always late. Always. And I’m pretty sure she’s using drugs. While, I am always there. I help out with every craft and I can put DVDs in order. That’s all they’ll let me do..since I don’t actually work at the library.

So I had to be there for Derrick. I should have been there for Josie. He should have been there for Josie. But NO. He’s on his electric guitar and I played the drums in his very dirty room.

Honestly. I do like a clean space. And..and you know..if and when..the full blown occasion, I’m not sure I can DO IT in his room.

God, those smelly socks alone can really kill the sex appeal. Just saying. I hope I’m not wrong about this. But can’t people get diseases in nasty places?

Of course, did he feel any guilt what so ever about NOT being their to help Josie move in? NO.

Then when he found out Ian helped, ( Ian even put up Josie’s paisley curtains so it would feel like home) Derrick had a tantrum. I’ve never seen him so mad. He hit the wall. Threw things. I didn’t even do anything. I mean, a part of me wasn’t sure I wanted to be there.

I know I’m suppose to be on his side. And I know he’s not SPEAKING to Ian. Its just he’s kind of being a baby about it.

Maybe if I just clean up his room, all will be good.