Monday, January 6, 2014

The Originals

The Originals #19

For the longest time, I thought Geo was back, but then I thought my imagination was playing tricks on me, until that night when I was out with my mates. We wandered off to the dance club after we'd had our fill on hard cider. The drinks at the club were sky high in compare.

So we hit the dance floor soon as possible even if we didn't have a dance partner. Well, Liza had Sam and they danced close. Pip and me, not so much. Somehow I lost Pip in the mob and there he was.

I couldn't help but laugh on the inside. I must have grinned like an idiot.

"What are you doing here?" I said as loud as I could into his ear. Instead, Geo's hand rested on my waist as if he knew exactly what I liked and it was old times.

"Pardon?" was all I got and an open smile.

Honestly, I wanted to hit him, but my arms were around his neck as I looked into those bright blue eyes of that scruffy gypsy boy I knew. I didn't like keeping him a secret.

"Come." I held on to his hand as the disco tune ended. He was going to meet my mates. Now, I just needed to find them.

Of course, Sam was gone to buy more drinks. There was Liza and Pip at the table. Naturally, they looked all suspicious, as if maybe I was sauced and picked up a scragglier of some sort.

"This Ben?" Pip squinted hard.

"No." I squinted back as if that would be just disgusting. Finding my half-brother on the dance floor. "This is Geo. A good..friend..of mine." I explained we'd met last summer. Naturally, he babbled in French which I have to wonder if any French person would even understand.

"Don't tell  me, he's a pen-pal?" Liza teased.

I rolled my eyes. Couldn't they just be happy that I introduced him? But the way he hugged me from behind, it was as if this long lost pup had something else in mind.

Naturally, he didn't say much when the drinks arrived, but he didn't drink any. No, he teased with a kiss on the neck. Possibly a nibble on the ear. It was as if he was not affected by anything the girls said.

"You, wouldn't got off with him, Bex?" Pip looked me straight in the eye. "Tell me, you wouldn't?" She said as drank her juice that was half vodka.

"Well.." How could I possible explain it? When perhaps, someone was hard at work giving me a love mark of some kind on the side of my neck. I just couldn't tell him to stop. I'd forgot my French. "Could you, just valch for me tonight? With know..she should call?" I hated to bother Pip. I did that sort of thing for her all the time with Simon. Hated to think of it as lies. "Just this one time." I squinted hard, but she was squinting harder in disgust.

"What? So he can take, you to the bushes?" She looked horrified. I pulled away from Geo thinking maybe this was not the place to show his display of affection, but a little bit of me wanted to whisper in his ear.."go on..babe..."

"No." I gritted. "Its not that way. We..HE..We just need to sort it all." I pressed my lips tight. "Could you just this once .."

"What? Lie for you? Oh, Bex." She shook her head, no.

I didn't care. I was going to stick around with Geo. What the hell was going on with him? He was suppose to be in Canada. But there he was, so close. It was a second chance. Couldn't anyone see that?


  1. For her sake, I hope things with Geo work out this time around.

    P.S. I have not tried Formula X Special Effects, but I have one of the shades on my Sephora love list. They look so stunning!!