Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Tara

Maxie & Tara

New Years was warm with cider and firecrackers. Really, Tara found the boys quite silly, but she cheered them on, on the school ground. Luckily, no one got caught by the coppers. After all, sirens were going off in all directions. They weren't exactly in all that much trouble. Even so, among the smoke and darkness, she could imagine being part of a Simon Pegg film and zombies a muck. It was just a faded memory now as she couldn't help but think with a smile of their grand achievement to start the new year off with a bang.

"What's so funny?" Well, Emmy was not in a good mood. Tara just looked at Emmy a moment in the hall at school and walked on, not even giving her the time of day.

"Tara! What's so funny?" Emmy yelped from behind, but school was out and tara was on her own today. January was brutally cold, and she didn't want to waste time with Emmy.

But there was Maxie waiting for her at the bottom of the steps of the school.

"What are you doing here?" She tensed in the deceiving sunlight.

"Your school isn't all that far from mine." He mentioned as they walked.

"But..but its weird-" She squinted.

"No Matty? Seeing me, without Matty?" He sighed with a smile.

"Yeah." She hugged her books.

"We don't spend every waking hour together, you know." His bangs fell against the side of his head like one of those in a boy band. She couldn't quite see if he was really looking at her, but she had a feeling, he might have been.

"Right." Still it was just weird. "Does he know you're here?"

"No." He grinned then. "I don't have to tell him everything." He took her books to carry home. She supposed she'd let him.

"But do I have to tell him, everything?" She didn't know the rules on this. Not exactly. Still, she liked him. She liked Maxie's calm face. He didn't mind being quiet with her. Perhaps, Matty was just a bit hyper for him, as well.

"What if ..if we went to the cinema.. some...time? Together?" He looked at her, ever so serious as if this was the questioned he'd longed to ask for so long.

"Without Matty?" She winced, thinking it would be so wrong, wouldn't it?

"Yeah." He slightly bit the corner of his bottom pink lip.


"We could..just see how it goes." He did make it sound like a school project of some sort.

Tara only nodded.

" would?" He looked a bit startled. Maybe surprised.

"Why not." She smiled. Besides, it had been ages since she'd gone to the cinema.

Maxie smiled with relief. Tara smiled, wondering just when they should tell Matty they were going out. Before or after?


  1. Well I hope that they have fun :)

  2. I'm wondering how Matty is going to take this.......