Monday, December 9, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #15

It was down to winning. That was our goal at the dance hall. Now wasn't it?

After hours of fancy footwork. By the way, Will wore weights on this ankles for weeks, it seemed. He wanted me too, but I just couldn't. Yes, I know, I was the weakest link. But we got off to a bloody good start. I suppose. Nothing gets one in the mood more that Kesha's dance mixs. Especially, that one about blowing something. Which made me wince while Will gave me that sheepish grin of his.

But we moved with the music. So did every other couple in the neighborhood. It was freaking painful on the dance floor. All these people. It was hard to even know if we were dancing. But three hours later we were still at it while the herd thinned out. Even Simon and Pip didn't last that long.

Oh, I could see, Will just knew we were winning. The way he held on to me. I was sure he'd never let me go. I didn't think about him and the lass from Spain, all those silly first love pictures of theirs, his brother showed me. Really, all I wanted was a huge juice and someone to rub my feet. But as I looked at Will, that was not happening. We were here to win. Win would be what we would do.

And then the DJ played SANDSTORM.  Oh My God. I couldn't keep up. I couldn't. But Will kept moving. So did I. Even if I was truly not in the game. What was the point? We weren't professionals or anything at this dance. There were far more graceful couples. I was thirsty. I was hot. Parts of me felt as if I was going numb. I was so close to telling Will off.

I was not his girlfriend. His girlfriend was in Spain. And for a fleeting second I wanted to tell him I knew everything. How he might even be a father. He was leading a double life just as much as my father. What the hell did he want from me?

But the music calmed when Rianna's ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD was up next, and he grabbed me quick as if I was his. And his only. His chin fit in the crux of neck so perfectly. Didn't I know this was it? This was us. This was all I needed.

Just as I was about to close my eyes, I saw someone in the shadows. It was Geo. He was back.