Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emmy & Tara

Emmy & Tara #8

"We are just a bit obsessed with our screamo music." Matty grinned as he caught Tara's hand before they went off into the tunnel of darkness.

"But this is Ramstein. Totally different element." Maxie clarified. He held on to Tara's other hand as if he was a wee bit scared too. They were heading into skinhead land and other bizerro territory. Here they were looking more or less the strangers in the crowd.

Soon enough, Tara was engulfed by the roar of the crowd in the stadium. Everywhere she turned there were fierce piercings and tattooed arms and legs. Even women's chest. She hoped they knew what they were getting into.

This was not what she'd anticipated. She thought Matty meant the free stuff down at the park or maybe the pub on free mic night. This was like badgering the horrific storm. They weren't in army boots and clad in tight fighting aparal, usually found in graphic novels.

Hands in the air in the twilight of the stadium bobbled like nomad weapons. People needed their Ramstein. Tara did her best to swallow back her fear. It was just a concert. And what could go bad?

As soon as the band started, people were jumping, showing their support for the Germany heavy metal group.

Suddenly, Tara was filled with laughter. It was crazy as she looked around at the fanetics. As she listened to the music, unsure of the words even spoken by the Frankenstein-like lead singer, she was amazed. Thinking, he could have been an opera singer.

She breathed in the music, thinking she could not be one of them. She could not be a fan, but soon enough all three were dancing around as if they had a new found life all because of a band she'd never heard of. Until this night.