Monday, December 16, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #16

Oh, I did feel stuck. Really, I was doing this for Will. Maybe, I didn't know I loved him as much as I did. But there was a lot I didn't like about him, either. And still, here I was letting him lean in as we dragged along on the dance floor.

It probably wasn't Geo, anyway. It couldn't be because he said he was going to Canada. Yeah, that was his hope. His ticket to some place better.

"But you're French." I couldn't help but remember as if I were with him now and not glued to Will.

Geo only grinned while he looked at me that night so long ago as if I wasn't really thinking. He promised he'd be OK. Even said I should come with him. But I couldn't leave Mum. No, not after what Dad did.

Of course, I wanted to blame Dad then. Why I was with Geo. It was like I didn't want anything stable. I knew Geo was unattainable. And I was glad it was nothing serious. Oh, but it was. I really clung on to a dream for a long time that Geo was the only one. The one I would dream about. Not that I'd exactly made him a saint. Or had I? After all this time?

Here Will was hanging on. His feet dragging. He was so heavy.

Yeah, in the end, it was Will who tuckered out, and we were brushed off the dance floor at a quarter after two a.m.

"What...what happened?" He mumbled, half away when he realized he was laying on the bleachers instead of on the dance floor.

"Its all right, love." Yes, I said it. I meant it too. Whatever thoughts I were feeling for Geo was just garbage.

" have to go back." He tried to get up, but as quickly as he tried, he snapped back to laying there like a fragile creature who wasn't quite as tough as he thought.

"We can try again, next year." I brushed his sweaty hair back into his forehead.

"You, made us leave, didn't you?" He was not pleased. I looked around wondering if any of our crew had hankered back. Of course, they hadn't. Probably off to the pub. No one there to defend me.

"No, I didn't."

He was being petty, but I knew he was tired. I just needed to get him home. I reached for his cell, hoping to reach his brother. And that's when I found someone's phone number.