Monday, December 23, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #17

Oh, the holidays were here. Yes, and I wasn't ready. Clearly, I didn't have the babysitting money to buy Will anything he deserved, but then again, maybe..he didn't deserve much.

He was still blaming me about the whole dance marathon ordeal.

I really needed to face the fact that he was an idiot and really not all that he seemed. But didn't I know that already?

Jesus, why did I love and hate him so much? And why..why did I want to call that number on his badly?

Well, I'd took to FACEBOOK like a long lost friend. I wanted to know what creations a blogger I knew of in Australia was knitting. Of course, it was too late to order one of her cowl scarf vests that were inspired by the Hunger Games.

There I went again, thinking of me. And no one. Just me. Not even Mum.

I could be consumed with all the naughty things Will once said to me. Now, it was just the cold shoulder. He was pissed, and I didn't care. I actually didn't care.

But just when I was to sink to my lowest, I got the friend request. It was like an early Christmas present! Such excitement possessed me like I was part of someone's world, and I didn't even know it. Oh, I was all grins as if maybe that insignificant actor from a teen show in Canada was replying back. I'd written over the summer about his moody character. Maybe Johnny Flynn really read my reviews on his folksy songs.

But it was someone I'd never heard of. Some bloke named Ben. I winced when I saw his name. We had the same last name.

And then I read what he had to say. I stared at the message for a moment. He was looking for me. My brother was looking for me.