Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Tara

Emmy & Tara #9

Suddenly, Tara didn't feel like the outsider she'd always been. She felt as if she was in the middle of it at Jones' house. Especially, with Christmas on its way.

Of course, his mum made it quite festive. So many traditions, Tara didn't even know about. As the days wore on, she saw less and less of Emmy.

"Well, maybe its for the best." It could have been the rum talking, as Jones was just as giddy as Mini under the mistletoe and shaking presents which was part of their guessing game.

"I should have gotten Emmy something." Tara couldn't help but feel a twinge guilty. All her days were filled with Matty and his best mate Maxie. Tara thought about a scarf. Something homemade, but she'd forgot how to knit. Was it one needle or two? It didn't matter. She'd be awful slow. And such a mess. Emmy wouldn't go for anything homemade.

"Don't see anything from your dearest, under the tree." Mini pursed a Betty Boop smile and her big eyes looked at Tara as if she shouldn't even be reminded of her childhood friend. Mini pulled out a package from under the tree for Tara from Matty and Maxie.

"Oh..look..a prezzie from the M&Ms." She giggled as she nudged Jones who almost spilled his mulled drink that he was only breathing in.

Tara thought they both might be getting tipsy.

"You know," Mini winced as if she'd remembered a little secret. "We might have threesome. Right here...under our noses." She giggled more.

Tara only sighed, not wanting to listen to someone's sister talk about him as he might be quite the wanker when it was so not true.

Tara went to the kitchen where Jones' mum was busy with baking.

"Are you all right, my love?" Lords wanted to know.

Tara only shrugged. "I really haven't gotten anyone a thing." She hugged herself. "I can't go to the shops." It was true she was a freeloader.

"You know, girls your age with nothing, used to go to the workhouse." Lords shrugged, but Tara didn't want to think of her life as a Charles Dickens tale.

"Yeah?" Tara looked at her wondering if Lords wanted her to clean the kitchen, perhaps. "Don't mean to sit on my bum, all day. I could help." She went to see to the dishes.

"But, you're a guest here." Lords put her fat arms around Tara to give her a squeeze. "Now, you have some hungry lads who'd do just as well if you melted those chips on the counter and took some cookies to dip." There were even containers to put the finished product in.

Tara almost smiled. It was like Lords to the rescue. Maybe that's how Jonesy was so nice. Of course, it was hard to tell at the moment with Mini all over him on the livingroom couch.


  1. Lords is so nice, I hope she feels good about being there.

  2. Aw, I'm glad she does have a home. I hope she see her dad.