Monday, November 4, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #10

"Wait." I squinted a bit disgusted with myself. "I really..really need to go."

 He was unbuckling, finding the wrapper as he set down on the commode.

"Well, then go." He sounded as if it wasn't a problem, but I knew if he let up on this momentum we had would be.

So I stepped out of the stall and went to the other while he fretted over the part I really knew he needed help with. Damn, condom.

So I squatted, wondering how naked one would want to get in a place like this. Just think of all the germs and God knows, what sort of sex acts went on here. It wasn't just hetro but homo too. Did I really want it to happen?

And now I couldn't wee because, he was here.


"What?" He sounded dreadful. Time was wasting. I would just go. I couldn't be such a little girl. Now could I?

Slowly I relieved myself.

"Bex, how long are you, gonna be?" He was losing momentum.

"Sorry." I just couldn't go any faster.

When I was finished, I noticed there was no paper.

"Um, Will? Is there any..."

He handed me a whole roll from under the stall.

 I couldn't help to be disgusted, and when I got back to him..well..something was deflated.

"We could just go..back to my place." I shrugged. Unless, he really wanted to do it in the bushes. Honestly, who did those sort of things? Couldn't we just be civilized?

Only he was such a pisser. I kissed him to make him feel better. Soon enough, it was all so swell. Even if I really didn't  know if I could be in this sort of position.

"Thank God, you didn't wear your overalls, tonight." He informed me, afterwards.

Yes, my lovely sunflower dress I'd found half priced was now deflowered.


  1. I think she'll regret this. Somewhere down the line.

  2. Wow, they really need to be more careful.

  3. I had posted this somewhere else..and the girls who are reading it..are all..GO FOR IT! attitude. Now I know who the wise ones..are..=)

  4. Eep, seriously. I worry for her...