Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Emmy & Tara

Emmy & Tara # 5

Tara could have fell asleep in the sunshine while riding to Jonesy's  house. He was his natural laid back self.

Honestly, she never really knew what was on his mind. Possibly a game of rugby.

"You, can meet Mini tonight," he finally said when they got to his driveway in his little car that was far beneath Emmy to be seen in.

"Mini?" Tara hated to yawn. She tried to smile instead of wince.

"Yeah, met her at the Uni." He smiled as if he was done with school girls.

"Oh." Tara didn't know. She guess it was what they called moving on. Emmy found a college guy, too.

She helped him unload his gear. Soon enough, his mum met them at he door and was all hugs and kisses. She was like landing on a soft cloud.

"Your father's been looking for you." She patted Tara on the back and coaxed her right to the kitchen table where she had cheese sandwiches waiting with a nice cuppa brew.

Suddenly Tara wasn't sure if she should grab a sandwich or not.

"Told him not to worry. I called Jonsey  and he told me you were at school. I know your dad's been so down on his luck, as of late. Told him, you'd be fine with us. You, can take the guestroom." She smiled ever so endearing. "Its the least I could do for your, mum."

Tara pressed her lips tight. It was so unexpected, but a relief too.

"Go ahead and take one. Something to tie you over til dinner." His mum took her down the hall while Jonesy was on his cell. Tara supposed with Mini.

"I'll have him take you round to your Dad's to get your things after supper." His mum told Tara to call her Lorde.

Tara only nodded. She really didn't want to bother Jones. Especially, if his girlfriend was coming over.


  1. I'm glad they're extending so much kindness to Tara.


  2. I feel like she is a bit bummed about Mini, but relieved to have a place to stay.

  3. I think things are better. I hope.

  4. I'm so glad Jones has a great Mom!