Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Emmy and Tara

Emmy & Tara #4

Tara really wasn't sure if she would make it to lunch. She caught herself almost nodding off in her literature class.

"Wake up! You look like shite." Emmy snapped her right out of it. Perhaps. Just before class was over.

Tara blinked.

"Where you, been?" As it was Tara didn't meet Emmy in their usual spot, by the steps of the school. Most mornings Emmy's dad dropped her off. Neither could drive and Emmy dared not to walk. After all, their were so many bullies.

Tara stared at Emmy now, thinking this bullying might be a disease and perhaps Emmy might have a good bout of it. Although, Emmy was just being Emmy. Her way of concern.

Still, she knew it was coming. Emmy would harp on how Tara dressed. Why wasn't she using her smart phone? Didn't she get the net?

After a bit of nagging, Emmy went into her future date with Harry. One would have thought he was the prince the way she went on about him. He took her places. He was gentleman and a very carrying person.

"What are you doing, tonight?" She asked later at the dining hall where they were looking at their sandwiches that Tara was sure she could wolf down Emmy's ham and cheese as well as her own.

"Jonesy asked me to dinner." Tara just said as if Emmy couldn't make such a big deal of it, after all this time.

"Jonesy!" Emmy made a face of disgust. "You can't be serious."

Tara only nodded as she took a big bite of her sandwich.

" can't have this..You know, how much I hate him. You, can not seriously be friends with him. You can't!" She demanded.

"But I said I would. I have too." Tara squinted wishing Emmy wouldn't be in such a tizzy.

"Why? Why would you?" Emmy wanted to know.

"Because I promised Dad." Tara found herself in a lie, but she couldn't think of anything else to say.

Emmy festered a frown. "If he says anything about me, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?"

Tara kept chewing of the crusty bread thick with mayo, tomato and lettuce and of course turkey. What she'd give for a pickle, but she nodded at Emmy's question. She supposed it was the least she could do.