Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emmy & Tara

Emmy & Tara #7

Emmy was still in a fret. She found it so distasteful when she found out where Tara was staying.

"Why would, you even do it/" Emmy scrunched a face. Something had to be going on. She hugged herself hard as she watched for every little sign in Tara's thin face, but those dark eyes gave nothing away. She looked refreshed today in a proper uniform at school. No clumpy massacre. Honestly, Emmy envied her friend's complexion.

"Like I said, my Dad.." Tara started as she was putting her books away at her locker and grabbing another for the next class.

"Really? Is that all, you, have to say?" Emmy's glare was stern. "What did HE say about me?"

"Nothing." Tara sighed. "Jonesy has a new girl..I-I..I met her brother." Tara's eyes shifted slightly, as if she couldn't look her oldest and dearest friend in the eye.

"What?" Maybe Emmy's voice cracked. Yet, she couldn't help it. Suddenly, she felt lost. As if she had nothing to hold on to the future, not even with her Harry at the Uni.


"Look, I don't want to hear it." Emmy couldn't bare the thought that Jonesy was in control of the situation. He'd moved on..with a new girl. Emmy didn't evev want to know her name.

"I could fix you up." Emmy shrugged as if it were a done deal. Of course, she hadn't even mentioned Tara to Harry. Not once. He had friends, footballers and all.

"But I don't want to be fixed up." Tara looked at her blankly. "I promised Matty I'd go to the show with him and his friend Maxie."

Emmy only gritted. It wasn't fair. When had things change? Tara always did what Emmy wanted her to do.


  1. Gah, this made me feel like I was back in high school (actually elementary school - my high school friends were awesome).

    Girls and friendship can be so weird.

  2. Emmy needs to stop telling Tara what to do. I'm glad Tara is thinking for herself.


  3. It has to be tough, but she really needs a good place to stay.