Monday, November 18, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #12

"Just give them to me!" I meant to snatch the knickers, but he only wanted to taunt me.

Before the cold rain could get the best of us, I unlocked the door and there we were in the foyer.

"What do you want?" I shivered, thinking this was not a good idea.

"Not a thing." His impish grin was so devilish.

"Then give them back." I couldn't figure him out. "Is this blackmail?"

"Don't be so dense, Bex." My knickers were safely in his coat pocket. "Got your smell, everything." He winked as if he were pleased with himself over the matter.

I swallowed back disgust.

"How about you, make us a brew?" He stood there as if he was here all the time.

"How about you, just leave me the hell alone." I swelled a frown. Really, he was a weird one. No wonder, Will was warped. "I bet you've always bullied Will. Haven't you?" Just a sick little joke that his family found funny.

"Jesus, would you, just stop defending the little prick. You, don't know a thing." He was a bit sore from my accusation. "You, brew us a cup. I got something to show you."

"How mysterious." I rolled my eyes and went to do as I was told. Hopefully, he'd have his say and go.

"Melted cheese on toast would be a lovely." He shouted back while I was in the narrow kitchen lighting the stove.

"God, I'm not a chef." Some biscuits would have to do. "This really isn't high tea, now is it?"

"Bex, you are such a laugh." He chuckled as if we might be mates.

By the time I got back with the tea and the biscuits, Gus made himself at home. Naturally, he enjoyed himself with lots of sugar and cream and then took his time with the biscuits as if we had all day.

"Mum, will be home in a few minutes." I lied. God knows, when she'd make it in now with the rain pouring out on her postal route.

"I wanted to show you, something." He was dead serious.

I stared at him, hoping it wasn't God awful.

"You should know." He was ever so sullen in a rather wicked Jonathon Rhys-Meyers sort of way.

"What should I know?" I stared at him as if he needed to just get on with it.

He got out his smart phone. There were pictures. Will and some girl.

"It was a holiday. We were Spain, last year." There were photos of the two being silly. Photos of the two of them kissing.

I felt a little weak looking at their display of affection, but I couldn't judge. I just couldn't.

"See, you.. are not his first." He informed me.

I nodded.

"He's not Mr. Goody-Two Shoes." Gus stared at me as if he meant to haunt me from this day forward.

I pressed my lips tight.

"You really, don't get it. Do you?" Gus fierce eyes were intense.

"Get? What?" I scowled. "Of course, there would be.." Oh, I didn't want to explain myself. "Its not a big deal." But it hurt just the same, seeing Will with someone else, yet I couldn't let him know.

"Do you want him to plant a kiddie in you, too?" He said ever so disgusted.

I hugged myself as if Gus really did know how to push my buttons. Even if I didn't want to admit I had any to push.

"What are; you saying?" I swelled a frown.

"Don't you see? He wouldn't let you abort it, because he almost lost the plot when Dad wired the money." Gus smiled ever so clever as he looked at Will's past ever so endearing.

"You're wrong." I found myself saying. Will could never be that involved with anyone. He was just a boy, but here was his brother chatting him up like some sort of teenage dirt bag.


  1. OMGOMGOMG! I really dont know what to say to that turn O.o

  2. Both gus and will seem to have some issues...Poor Bex.

  3. I think Gus is a little shit, but, I like that he is warning her.