Monday, November 25, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #13


I didn't get my knickers back.

No, I was in the thick of  it. That's what this was. Naturally, my mates wanted to know what was wrong.

It really hurt not to tell them, but it was best to let it go. Yet, this whole mess about Will and the girl from Spain was weighing me down like a lead balloon. If that weren't enough, it was off to dinner with Will's folks at the end of the week. A Friday night dinner.

"Well, at least its a real meal, deary." My mother rubbed my shoulders as if everything would be fine. Most nights we either raided the fridge or nuked a frozen dinner.

"Right." It was just mustering up the nerve to show up and be all happy. It was so difficult. Even Will was catching on.

Yes, I was back to hanging out in my room alone. Just the Beast to keep me company. He was even giving me rather odd looks. But I knew all along I was giving Gus what he wanted. Other than my knicker. God, he's such a sick fuck.

But, I could act natural, even if there was Gus overseeing the feast of roasted chicken and veg.

Will was all smiles. I wanted to keep it that way. But his father was home and we were to keep our hands to ourselves even if Gus remarked quite a bit about the two of us, and the dance marathon coming up. If only we could get through this frightful dinner, we could get through anything.

But those eyes of Will's Dad, the same as Gus. So haunting and never blinking. Or so it seemed.

Funny, I got the wild idea that perhaps Will was..adopted. That couldn't be true. He and Gus did look an awful lot alike. Guess, Will got his mum's sunny smile. Oh, how I wanted him to keep smiling.

I kept thinking of Gus saying what a wreck Will had been over the whole thing on Holiday. Still, as I picked at my food, I kept thinking of those pictures. He was so happy. He was really happy with her. Was he that happy with me? And why..why..why couldn't I be mad at him?

Just couldn't.

Such cloudy thoughts were practically pulling me under.

"Is it not to your liking?" Will's father called to my attention.

"What?" I looked at him, then closed my eyes thinking what the fuck was I thinking. Shit. I almost said the word aloud followed by a painful fuck. I sighed. "Sorry." I quickly pressed a smile. "The food delightful."

Naturally, Gus was all pompous as we looked to him. Really, I hoped he didn't taint it. I wouldn't put anything past him, at this point. How could I forget, he had my knickers.

Will grabbed my hand as if he was here for me. He'd somehow pull me out of the abyss.


  1. I think she should get away from both of them.

  2. Geez, I think she needs a break from both of them.