Monday, November 11, 2013

The Orginals

The Originals #11

"You never showed." I couldn't help to be soured with Pip as I strolled down the school halls with her as school was almost over. Autumn was getting so nippy. I was in no hurry to go home. "Where were you?"

"Where do you think?" Her smile said it all. "In the bushes."

I didn't quite believe her. Is this what was to become of us? Sex craved teenagers? I didn't want to think about Will at the loo in the pub.

"What if something happens?" I couldn't help but sound like a warning.

"Like what?" She scowled as if I should keep my mouth shut.

"I dunno. Diseases. What about a kiddie?" I couldn't help but yelp. It really hit me. It could happen.

"You, seriously need to go down to the clinic." Pip looked at me point blank.

"Do I?" It was as if the worst already happened, and I was the last to know. Like I didn't know what was cool to wear, or something.

"Don't be daft." She squinted harder as if I'd have to take care of this on my own. It was not her problem.

I swelled a frown. Knowing she was so right.

Naturally, she met Simon and fell into his arms like some sick post card for love birds.

I watched in disbelief. How could they keep this up?

So I walked alone on my way home. Actually, I was practically running. All I needed was a good cuppa brew, and I could relax my cold feet before hitting the books. But who would be waiting for me on my doorstep? Beast wasn't even on guard with a horrific barking growl.

It wasn't Will, but Augustus. Beast was OK with Augustus. Cringe the thought.

"What do you want?" I wanted to push him off the stoop.

"Missing something, are we?" He grinned as if he did have something..of mine.

I swelled a hostile frown, thinking if I were a Ninja girl, I would have already taken him down. I shook my head no, not wanting to unlock the door, but the wind was getting cold and then it started to rain ice.

He pulled out my knickers from his coat pocket.