Monday, October 28, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #9

Will rested his chin, somehow in the crux of my neck while we played the fruit machines down at the pub. What might have been sexy to him might not have been quite as pretty to the naked eye. I saw how the old elephant like bartender looked at us. Yes, we were getting as bad as Pip and Simon.

Honestly, it truly felt like the beginning of something, but that was last week. Now I felt as if we were glued to each other in so many predicaments. Well, not at school. That was Will's one man show. And his job. That too, was off limits.

Oh, my lips were so raw. and I was beginning to think my growth might be stilted as much as I was in Will's cocoon. Yes, it was bliss yet not. It was as if we were going for a record breaker of some kind, and we hadn't even gone to the dance marathon.

I suppose it was all a bit woozy, and maybe..just maybe I was losing myself in Will.

I looked over to see his brother Augustus staring at us. The scowl on this face said it all. He hated it. Or was it just me that he hated?

"What's he looking at?" I wanted to know.

"What?" Naturally, Will was oblivious to everything. Even this silly game we were playing. He bumped his head against mine to have a look at what I meant.

"Your brother." I sighed. "He hates me for some reason."

Will gave his brother a pissed look as if he'd have a row with him. Just when he let go..and oh, how I could slightly stretch, I grabbed his hand.

"Hang on. Just leave it. Please." I looked at him as if he were my child now, that I needed to reprimand.

"No, he's an ass. I hate him." He looked disgusted.

"What is going on? With you two?" I squinted as if this was some sort of game that really did not become him.

"Nothing." But he was dead serious.

"I'll be in the loo." I sighed, thinking Simon and Pip would be here any minute, but they were late as usual. "Don't be rash." I kissed him as if it were automatic. It was like a routine we couldn't get enough of. But was it absolutely real? All I needed to do was believe. And I did.

"Can I come?" He and his silly grin.

"What? No." I didn't want him listening to my bodily functions. Besides, I need some lippy for my raw mouth. God knows, how pathetic I might really look.

"Why not? We've never done it. In the loo." He grinned like it was a bright idea.

"For f-ck's sake, Will!" I'm sure my voice carried because Gus would not take his eyes off the situation. "That's what slappers do."

Will kept grinning as if I was wrong. "Its what we do." He grabbed my hand. I only sighed.

Just then an old bird with a bouffant doo tucked in to the loo.

I sighed deeply as he lead the way to the men's. I could only imagine the smell and how creepy it might be.

Instead the place was painted black. Actually, a fresh coat. The place smelled minty fresh.

Will looked around the empty stalls. Then locked the door behind him.

I glared at him wondering what had I done to him? Was this all my fault? He lunged into a massive kiss which practically banged my head against the cold black wall.

It was best to get the deed done, quickly. He really seemed to be fascinated with dares.

No. There were no drugs. Yet twist and turns that might never find the stall. Yet each kiss grew with the intention that this might be the most spectacular thing we'd ever done in our mundane lives.


  1. I hope they're making the right decision.


  2. I dunno why she has be such a bitch about it. I mean..she's with Will!

  3. Well..all might not be right. I think he's asking too much of her.

  4. Hrmmm, not really sure if they are careful here.