Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Emmy and Tara

emmy & tara #3

Tara wasn't sure she should be here. It was so silent at the school. Was there a holiday or a fieldtrip she'd forgot about?

She guessed it was still early. But the halls were so long, she now noticed. Perhaps  it was an accident she passed by lost and found. There were some good stuff in the big wooden box. Like the old faded jeans so soft and worn. Not even a hole for fashion. She slipped them over her leggings and found a nice flowing top to wear over her ribbed undershirt.

Tara would take her chances. The worst that could happen was to be sent to the Dean. Her stomach growl and she shivered as to not think of hunger. Maybe she was sick.

"Was that a lion, I just heard." Someone spoke from behind her, making her jump ever so slightly. It was Jonesy. Emmy's old something. Well, they were friends once, and then they dated and now they didn't. Jonesy was in his footballer gear.

"On your way out?" It felt like ages since they'd talked.

"No, just coming in. I did a few run threws on my own." He was headed to the boys dressing room. "Why are, you here?"

"I dunno. Just felt like it I guess." She held on to her old coat and followed back to where she'd came.

"You look...surprisingly tired Tara, how about some crisps?" He walked backwards watching her a bit, and then turned toward the gym. "Lets see whats in the machine. Why don't we?" He smiled ever so endearing while he fed the vending machine coins and  punched in numbers for their make-do breakfast on the bench near the inside swimming pool.

"So-Tar? What gives?" He opened the crisps and handed her over the energy drink. Of course, it was full of natural ingredients. Otherwise the school, wouldn't keep such rot.

"What do you mean?" She looked him straight in the eye. "I think Em's seeing someone at the Uni."

"I didn't ask about Em. I want to know where you been. There's a sale sign on your house, and you and your Dad don't live there, anymore." He was straight lipped as tore into some biscuits and cut an apple in half.

Instantly she felt a melt down coming as she bit into the slice of apple.

"Oh. You know, about that?" She pressed her lips tight hoping he didn't notice, but he handed her his handkerchief.  "Do you think, Em knows?" She cleared her thought.

"Who gives a shite, what Em knows." He grinned. "If you need anything. Anything, Tara, will you let me know?"

"I'm fine." She told him. Although, she thought she might choke on the food before she could enjoy it.

"Yeah, that's your answer for everything." He sighed as he left her the bag of crisps. "You're coming to dinner tonight, I'll meet you, after school." Jonesy got up to put his trash away. "I know your last class is maths." He smirked.

Tara only nodded. She hadn't been to his house since his birthday last year, when he was seeing Emmy.