Monday, October 21, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #8

Oh accidents happen. Maybe that's what this was.

We'd danced in the dark for some time. Found each other again. Before I knew it we were obviously where Will wanted to be. Each kiss was just a bit more inviting. And those lips found more to kiss. He made me laugh.

"Shh.." I could only imagine how his top lip curled up. He was laughing too. "You want your Mum, to know?"

"No." It was like going under in a warm bath. Didn't have a clue where it might end. But it was some place that was not full of doubt. Wasn't trying to second guess my Dad and why he left.

I wanted something true, and this was it, laying with Will, like hot lava. Yet in the next moment shivering when he made a move to go, yet not so far from me.

"We are going to practice, every night." He made a vow, edging back in.

I smiled thinking it was not dancing on his mind. That really was just a ploy of some kind. No, his hands were at work, investigating in places I wasn't even so sure of.

"Won't you, get tired?" I whispered.

"Never." He whispered in my ear as his breath tickled on my neck. Just when I thought I might find myself asleep in his arms. I heard mum in the bathroom.

He broke away as if he should be going, yet he laid next to me on the thin bed as if I'd be the one to fall off, not him.

"She'll be snoring in five minutes." I told him barely above a breath.

"Are you certain?" He was being ever so calm now.

"Her days are long. She might not really rest, but her body does." I told him.

He was so still then, as if he was a cat burglar, after all.

It wasn't long until we heard her calm slumber. I could feel him smiling, again.


  1. A nice time for them! Very sweet ending :)

  2. I dunno..I guess I like Will..but not all the time.