Monday, October 14, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #7

I dunno why I was worried now.  Will was up to his old tricks again in the halls. Just being his silly smiley self. I guess I was a part of it. Not sure I actually wanted to be a part of it. OK, of course..I did.

But I needed to remind myself...

We could say it was a one off and he'd finally wake up and see doe-eyed Magz devoted to him right there at the shop.

Of course, some called her a cow. She was big boned, that's all. But she seemed to know her place at school. All quiet. Never said a word to me. Naturally, I hadn't been all that friendly myself, lately.

But maybe one day, he'd wake up to the fact that we had our very own Adele, right here in our little village. They'd fall in love and it would last.

Dunno why I was so sad about it. It hadn't even happened. This sort of rot could keep me in my room for hours. Just me and the Beast... asleep on my bed.

I decided to do some cleaning. Maybe stick a few photos up on the wall of good times. Cheer myself up. But no, I had to have a stuffy nose.

While I was looking for a tissue, thats when I noticed the dried flower wreath hanging on to the mirror of my dresser. How could I forget so easily about last summer?


Immediately, I remembered it in his hands. How he braided it ever so carefully. I didn't know what he was even doing at first. And when he put it in my hair, I felt like a fair maiden in the olden days.

I know Geo's no Mr. Darcy. And its me. Its really me, I should be worried about. Will's words make me feel so ugly. Damn, if I didn't get weepy over the fact that he might never trust me.

Now, I wanted to remember Geo's eyes. His smile. It was all so murky.

There was a knock from downstairs. Like a chain reaction, I hid the little wreath in the bottom of my undie drawer.

There were voices. I couldn't think of anyone mum would invite over. Naturally, the Beast perked up right away, but he wasn't barking. He knew who was coming upstairs.

Soon there was a tap, but not a 'hullo' before I could even say to come in.

Will was all grins.

"I have news! Lovely, news, in fact."  He was holding a flyer. A marathon of some kind. Down at the club. "Up for it?" He held it practically in my face. "We could win a Fiat."

I took a look at the car on the flyer. I have no idea where he got that from. It was a tiny automobile. One of those that saved loads on petroleum.

"You, don't even drive." I didn't mean to put him off.

"Come on, it'll be fun. Just dancing." He tickled me like old times when he goofed around. He leaned in as if it might be more than dancing.

"All weekend?" I slightly scowled, backing away. "This is perfect for Pip and Si. They hang all over each other, all the time."

"It could be us." He batted his lashes and sounded weird. "Please." He grabbed my waist as I put the flyer on my dresser. He pulled me on top of him. Suddenly we were on my bed, giving Beast a yelp who plopped him self off.

"You're hurting my Dad's dog." I winced as if he was never to hurt Beast.

"Why do you call him your Dad's dog?" He hugged me close as if to calm me. "You're Dad's gone."

I couldn't help but grit. Why did he have to bring up Dad?

"He's the only thing my Dad left me." I winced hard.

"Sorry." He sighed as if he knew he brought up a sore subject.

My dad was off in Cape Town with his real family. Not mum and me. Everyone knew it, but no one said a thing to us. How it really was. Mum had her own mum's little row house and a job with the postal service. I reckon she knew, but she never mentioned him now.

Will kissed the top of my forehead as if WE were still ..ON.

Before I knew it, he was digging through my CD collection, he popped one of my mixes in the Hello Kitty player I'd hung on too, since elementary.

Instantly, he was wiggling around like he was fab.

I keep moving with the lights...

He took my hand and placed it on his hip While resting the other on his shoulder.

"Do you even know what you're doing?" I looked him in the eye.

"Of course, me Gran knew all the dances. She used to do the jig and jive, all sorts." Will grinned. "We can do this, Bex." He shuffled on and I stepped on his feet, but he didn't seem to mind.

Maybe we were back together.