Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday wednesday was my weekend at the library. I had a bit of a rough week, prior. I had an interview..and I almost got a full time job at a University Library..but it didn't happen. It was so hopeful, too. Naturally, I kept thinking how my routine would change..and then it didn't. Anyway, thanks to a few patrons, they made my weekend better.

Here are a few Creative NonFiction pieces they inspired.

My Paul Dano at the library

My Paul Dano at the library 

Granted, I hadn't seen him in a very long time. I wondered where he went. He hadn't changed much. Still the same chin. Those lips. Those sad eyes.

But I couldn't really help him. He wouldn't tell me where he was living so I couldn't give him a valid library card. 

I reckon he's sleeping on someone's couch. He'll always be a mystery to me, but he stayed a while. 

We smiled at each other. Yeah, I know he remembers now. I know I do.
My Paul Dano from the Library prt.2

I saw him again today. At least he isn't the vagabond I first thought. He brought his mother. He's with her. Thankfully. I'm glad he's staying with her, for now. He's such a mysterious guy.

But he smiled. He's really a good guy, deep down..even if he told me he doesn't know what to do with his life.

I suppose he thinks I'll judge him, but I won't. I wouldn't.

I'm just happy to see him again.

at the library

at the library 

OH..he did look a lot like Harry..except he might have been Portuguese and a lip ring in the corner of his mouth. But his voice was deep and he was ever so sweet about his OVERDUE..which he did not pay.

But he had a story for me. You know, why it couldn't be paid. Not right now. Seems some girl borrowed the LOST BOY book for psychology at school.

It might not have been true, know..he had me at Hello.


  1. These are cute! I have a soft spot for Paul Dano! Such a cutie!

  2. I've been a Paul Dano fan for a while. I think it was silent but brooding attitude in Little Miss Sunshine.

    Also, I think that's one of the hardest parts about interviews is that you (and by you I mostly mean I here) start picturing how life will be different, routines will change, and it's either super scary or feels kind of right...oy!)