Monday, September 16, 2013

The Originals

the originals #3

"I don't know if it'll make us or break us." It sounded funny to say to my friend Pippa a day or so  later when we were near the pond at the park. I was getting a run from the Beast, my father's Rockweiler who's bark was worse than his bite.

"Well, what did he say?" Pippa shared her chips at the bridge.

"A bit quiet." I shrugged. Not that I was expecting much on a camp out. We ate some packaged sweets the next morning. "The only other massive ordeal, that night, was a bear."

"A bear?" Pippa had a good laugh over my little story of us naked in a tent squealing like little girls.

"It was just a raccoon. Not a fox. But it felt like a bear trying to get in." We'd dressed properly after that little incident. I'm not sure if Will slept the rest of the night.

"Maybe he was just tired." It was all I could think to say while  Beast hurried me along on his leash. Perhaps we needed to give it rest. "I mean, we could never be quite like you and Simon."

They were the affectionate sort. Snogging anywhere at anytime. Really, I never thought of myself like that with anyone. Definitely, not ticklish Will. But he wasn't so ticklish on our campout. All somber as if something died.

"But how was it? For you?' Pippa wanted to know as we watched the slow waves lick the shore. It was peaceful here and I guess I really hadn't thought so much about the little tryst until now.

"Dunno, if I should say. " I closed my eyes, trying to picture the colors in my head at the moment of us squished into something that left me more of a sweat and him shivering. "It was OK."

"Just OK?" Pippa winced as she looked over at me.

"It was OK." I shrugged as if she better not question me. I wasn't giving details. "It was a just a surprise that's all." We wondered on with Beast. "He hasn't called, you know."

"Well, pop around to the shop." Will worked at Bag and Save. "He's bound to be there, behind the counter. Of course, he could be cleaning. He seems to do that a lot. I wonder if he breaks things?" She looked at me out of the corner of her.

"What?" I scowled, knowing what she was thinking, it being my first time. The thought didn't last long. Beast found something new to smell at the shore.