Monday, September 23, 2013

The Originals

The Originals #4

It wasn't long until Pip caught up with Simon and it was a tidal wave of happiness. Just how did those two do it? Smiling in unison, touching lips, hands, limbs. He actually picked her up and did something rather graceful. A swirl. Like one of those kind of moves in a romantic movie. It was just sick. There I was gawking.

I got the Beast home from our run. Actually, I was in a sweat. Perhaps I should have showered, but at this point I didn't care. I was off to see Will, get this sorted before there was really nothing at all between us.

Of course, he was all smiles until he saw me. Old women were fangirling him like he was their very own popstar.

He was having a chat, doing very little with the broom. And then he saw me and  instantly started sweeping as if their little fan club ended.

"Will, gotta second?" I walked up to him, thinking he'd be all silly with a dance of those big feet of his.

"No. I can't talk. Not here." He looked in pain. What did I do?


He wasn't exactly giving me a chance at school. He was in his own little herd mingling with wannabe footballers who were in choir.

"Come around tonight." He looked at me then as if he supposed we did have unfinished business. "I'm off at eight."

I nodded as if we'd get this sorted. But I was on pins and needles now.

He'd said it was great that night. What changed his mind?