Monday, August 26, 2013

Hans and Shelly

last days of summer going gray

Shelly couldn't help it. She was pissed. More than pissed, in fact. What was she to do?

She hadn't slept a wink all night while Hans was at that bachelor party. As it was, she'd slept with his stinking dog, Coco.

True, she'd loved that black lab at first. Coco craved attention. The way she'd wag her tail. But now, Shelly was clearly more than a dog sitter. She and Hans were going out.

They'd met as interns for this new senator at the Capital. It sound more posh than it actually was. All she did was make copies and get coffee most of the time while Hans grinned a lot and cheered folks up when things weren't looking amazing for the future.

She was beginning to think he was just an ass. Really, she was sick of being stuck with his dog.

"But she's so devoted to you." The neighbor from next door mentioned while she was gardening and Shelly was pacing out in the adjacent yard looking at her phone as if she was ready to throw it at someone while Coco did her business in the back yard.

Shelly gave the old woman a fake smile. She doubted she could see it. After all, the woman wore a heavy straw hat and was busy with her flower bed.

"I couldn't sleep a wink last night." Shelly begged to differ in a fret. "I can't sleep with her. She takes up the whole bed." In fact, Shelly bought Coco her own big pillow for the floor. She stayed a lot at Shelly's. Although, it wasn't even her place. She was house sitting for a friend of a friend of her mother's. Thankfully, Coco was obedient. Although, that tail of hers could whack the crap out of anything.

"Why do you do it?" Mrs. Carter came to the fence then.

"I ..have absolutely, no idea." Shelly fussed as she pulled her wind blown blond locks behind her ear. She was certain she was a fright. She called in ill. He didn't pick up the dog. No way, could she leave Coco home alone. "I really hate Hans, sometimes." If she ever got a hold of him, she was going to let him have it.

"He's younger than you, isn't he?" Mrs. Carter made and observation that just left Shelly festered more.

"No." She winced hard as if maybe Mrs. Carter thought she was Hans' babysitter.

"I think its sweet that you care so much. I can't say I've ever met a boy named Hans." Mrs. Carter went on to say.

"He isn't that..wonderful." Shelly sucked in a breath. She was in dire need of a nap. If Hans would just pick up the dog.

She didn't want to dare mention the fight she'd had with Hans over the bachelor party. It was best she kept it quite. Maybe it would be best forgotten. She gathered up Coco and gave her a treat as soon as they got back inside. Coco looked up at her so happily.

Honestly, it looked like a model home, inside. She never messed with much. She usually brought food from the deli or didn't eat in the kitchen at all. No, it was just Coco's mess she needed to worry about.

She made her one cup of coffee in the Keurig coffee maker, then. It wouldn't be a mess. Shelly bit her bottom lip as she waited for the coffee to brew.

They'd really had it out, right before the party.

"I don't know why you even have to go!" She'd found herself yelling at him.

"Why! Because I have friends and you don't!" He slammed her with the truth that she was a snob and no one really liked her where they worked. "Its just a party. I have to be there. I have to."

Oh, she should have told him right then that she wouldn't do it. But that look Coco gave her, Shelly couldn't bare to think of Coco all alone in that garage apartment of his.

It was dirty, too. His place. A far cry from the way he dressed and looked. It was his man cave full of smell socks and dried up dishes. Coco would have to take care of herself..all on her own.

The argument became more bitter with every word. He'd even shot her the finger as some parting gift. As if she'd have to deal.

How could he?

Shelly pulled out her suit case from under the bed. She could be out of this place in fifteen minutes if she tried. Maybe she'd even do it sooner.

She didn't want this job. She didn't want to deal with Hans, either. But the one thing she could contend with was Coco. After all, Shell was certain of it now. She'd just learn to sleep with that dog. Somehow. She was going home with the dog.


  1. This is so incredibly sweet / romantic. :)

  2. Aw! I like that she is frustrated, but yet in love with that dog!