Friday, August 23, 2013

Gracie and Christian

Make a collague and you hate to see it go to waste. Of course, I want to write a story now.  I've been catching up with Dance Academy and Skins, as well. Then I had a thought while making this..what if Christian from Dance Academy met Grace from Skins?

a potential crackship

"Well, I'm not going to lie," Grace said into her mobile. "I'm freak'n out, Frankie." Sydney was a big city. Massive, in fact.

"You'll be fine, Gracie." Frankie sounded as if she were on autopilot. "You get in the cab. It'll take you to the school. Don't get so nervous. Be yourself."

But Grace felt herself shaking inside. How could that ever be? What was she doing here? Running away from something?

Finally, the cab came to the airport exit and she gave the cabbie the address. Soon she was on her way to the school. She doubted she'd be in a ballerina company, anytime soon. But there was a chance and this was the chance she needed to take.

Only, how good were they at this school? Pretty damn awesome, obviously. And she'd been given the scholarship. Most of the ballet students went on to make the company here in Australia. But she was from England, and she felt very much an outsider here.

But soon enough she found the dorm to be quite cozy. And that was a comfort. Still the whole brownstone was making her dizzy as she stood in the commons looking around.

"You, must be, Grace." His quick smile was so calm.

"What?" Grace was shocked that she hadn't had to introduce herself. His hand wasn't quite what she expected. Not quite as soft as some dancers she knew. "Yes." A sudden smile came. She couldn't help it.

"I'm Christian. I've been expecting you." He said ever so solemn, but then a smile broke. "Actually, I need a new dance partner and..and my teacher mentioned you. Said, it wouldn't be long."

"What, well.." She hated to ask.

"Its a long story." His smile was endearing. "Hooking up with your dance partner isn't exactly the best idea." He sighed.

"Oh." Well, she might know more information than she wanted now. Still, she felt a little hurt to hear the news too, but she had a feeling that Christian was an open book, and yet something was quite a mystery. "Well, I..uh..need to find my room." She winced thinking maybe it was best not a good idea to get to know him, too quickly. After all, she'd just gotten out of a relationship that had been quite intoxicating from the get go.

Soon enough, he introduced her to Tara.

"Oh, you'll be Kat's new roomie." Tara led the way. "But she's not in at the moment. She's out with her boyfriend."

Grace only nodded. Not expecting much. Of course, Kat's side of the room was a mess. Still there was a clean bed for her. She sank into the firm mattress. Suddenly, she felt as if her bones might drift off to sleep before she did.

"You, OK?" Tara asked.

"Yeah," Gracie looked up at her. "Christian tells me, I'm his new dance partner."

"Christian." She smiled. "We used to dance."

Grace was certain as she looked at the tall ballerina with the baby face, that it was possibly more than dancing.

"Look, Christian had a boyfriend." Tara's eyes were so open.

"Oh." Grace felt as if the air was knocked out of her. Had Tara noticed that perhaps she'd thought Christian was a looker?

"And then he died." It sound so profound when she said it. Tara pressed her lips tight as if there was nothing left to say.

Gracie only nodded.

"Best let you get some sleep." Tara said good night.

Gracie only nodded more, feeling numb and a little lost, once again.

Her mobile buzzed. It was Frankie with a text.

'Are you in?'

Gracie only smiled at the text as she laid back on her bed kicking off her glitter pink TOM'S slippers she'd came in. At least there was Frankie. Always ready to hear from her.