Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Character studies

Faces of Fish

Faces of Fish by elliewriter on Polyvore

Those of you who might read my stories on Ellie might know Fish, who I am rather fond of. First off, he's based on an acquaintance with cerebral palsy. Granted its a light case. I think of him brave. He's a good brother, a great friend.

I'd always thought of Fish as Ben Schumann who plays Ed on Australia's version of Skins.. SLIDE a very short lived series. Now that Fish has finally found a relationship with Shan (Ezra Miller) I felt Ben was way too young for Ezra and I wanted to see some sort of growth and maturity in their relationship. So for the longest time when a scene would be in my head about these two..Ed Westwick came to mind. At the same time, I kept thinking..but Ed is just not right with Ezra, either. It just didn't hit the head on the Ying & Yang of the matter. I wanted someone who would be honest with Shan about his attitude and nature of change. Someone, who's a listener and a true confidant.

And then I watched Matt Kane on Switched at Birth. Although, that character was a wee bit sketchy. least it gives me more to think about with my stories about Shan and Fish. Kane is inspiring as an actor. Oh, and I can't forget about Henry.

still an old face this new year


  1. Fish is one of my favorite characters of yours. :)

  2. I do like Fish a lot, I can't wait to see him grow and see who he gets paired with!