Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday wednesday

Forget about the other stuff..

Well, you might see more dogs showing up in my stories. I've been having my own adventures with my brother's dog. Its been fun having her around. I might even be falling in love with her. She really is an obedient dog. Which helps. I feel like she's training me. She is loyal and wants to be where ever I am. Possibly, a little jealousy happening here. Lars does not always get along with her.

Speaking of which, he has been doing some off beat things lately. Maybe its work. But he's getting ditsy. I didn't think that would happen to him.

He actually ate some leftovers at my parents that was new sister-in-law to be's food. He thought it was Italian food when in fact in was Mexican food. How can you confuse the two?

I'd gone to this big retirement dinner for someone at work. It was this really amazing place, but I think I got the worst dish they made..and he said he'd eat it. Instead, he ate the Mexican food.

Sometimes, its like he doesn't hear me at all. I think he just likes tuning me out. Or he needs more attention than the dog.

In other news, I'm very fond lately of relax melodies. Urban rain storm is my favorite.

I know..I'm way too boring.

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