Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Its just Wednesday

yes please

We have had our adventures in smoking..that's as in BBQ.

Yes, we have finally figured out ribs. Although, Lars was reluctant to try. I mean, talk about burning food. Anyway, he really smoked those ribs. He could barely find them on the pit. I kept thinking of Game of Thrones and feeding baby dragons. It was a lot like that. But really the ribs were exceptional.

We've had some cool rainy days..but they have developed into hot and humid ones, as of late. I shall confess...I sweat a lot. I'm thinking its genetic. My brother does too. It was funny when we went out to lunch. Both of us in a sweat.  Now, I'm wanting to avoid the Library Cookout.

Lately, I've had to avoid nail polish. I have one nail that keeps peeling as in the nail (That just sounds gross to talk about). Its really strange. Is it the weather? Or just me?

Also, the sleep situation has been so freaky, lately. I did stay up in the wee hours of the morning Friday night. It seems to have messed up my whole schedule this week. I so want to nap at 4 p.m. (but I don't) then by 10 when someone can be snoring in 5 minutes..I feel like I could do mega housecleaning in the kitchen...but I never do. I'd read in this "couples" magazine ..where you should take turns, about who goes to bed first, so you can have some time to relax by yourself. Does that ever happen? Hahahahaaaa...Then he gets to tell me in the morning about his awesome Dr. Who dreams. Oh, you'd think I was waiting for the latest movie or something..the way he talks. And usually, it gives us something to talk about.



  1. LOVE that pastel collage - perfection! :)

  2. Awesome on the ribs!I NEED THAT OUTFIT NOW!

  3. Good to see you two are doing things together. Hope the sleep is better.

  4. I always love the smell smoked food - a store where I grew up smoked cheese, so now smoked = home-y ness to me!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, i really appreciate it and you!

  5. love the daydream collague.