Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Wednesday

Diary of an American Witch

So this means I am a witch? A real, spell casting, broom riding, cauldron-potion-brewing witch? No way Sarah Miller was a typical high school junior. She loved to shop, hang out with her best friend Jenny and read books until they fell apart. Everything changed on her sixteenth birthday, when it is revealed to her she has a new talent and that a hidden world unfolds. In this new world she finds new friends, abilities beyond her wildest dreams and an unexpected fate waiting for her.

An American Witch

I met local author, Heather Stowe last week at the library. She was telling me that she wanted to change the name of her book since everyone thinks she's a witch now. "But I'm not." She says the novel is more along the lines of Harry Potter. Its a young adult novel. She has the second in the series almost ready for publishing.

 I'm full of envy of those walking more than I do. My average is about 3 miles a day, but as this humidity wears on, I'm not one to walk. Of course, my friend J doesn't have a car. He walks everywhere. And he takes his time too. He's one fellow who so enjoys his day, but then his cell never works and he doesn't have a TV nor even cable to worry about. Its like I know the new Threau and he doesn't even have Walden pond to worry about. Oh, if only we could go Walking and Talking. Lars and I used to do a lot of that, but he's been busy with work.

We had our work picnic..only it wasn't as fab as I'd hoped. Rain. And we got their late and there was mainly just potato salad left.  Thank goodness for ice cream!


  1. I need this book in my life. Immediately. Also pertinent...those boots - I love! :)

  2. I think finding time to exercise is the key. At least 30 minutes a day. Sorry the picnic wasn't better.

  3. I love that outfit! Mmmm Ice Cream!