Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh..its Wednesday

Tallest Man on Earth was in town this week.

I can't say what it is that's making this week so bad. OK, so the weather has been rainy and what not. Actually, its work that bothers me most. I just can't let some people get to me.

I guess I'm dingy. I really wanted to sign up for the walk thing, but I was too late. I had no idea there were only teams of six. And finally I do get on a team..and I dunno any of these people. I was only doing it for the library. So what is the point now.


So..Lars says I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Maybe I am. I'm trying to calm down. I should not be a big deal.

I'm just not going to care. I just have to not care. And walk.


OK..I'm crazy over Olly Alexander's voice. If only there was more of him on his EP. Of course, I looked everywhere for his songs..which I could not find on Amazon..but if I went through Last FM. I could. Go Figure.

TEEN WOLF is back. I know why they do what they do. Making it so fast and furious, yet never explaining much until it really suits them. Still, I wish they'd actually give Derick a real love interest. I want Bianca Lawson back. And the "girl" they did show who looked a lot like her..evidently didn't survive the Alpha pack that's moved in. And I wish Lydia wouldn't be so careless with the guys she sleeps with. And will Stiles ever get a girlfriend? So yeah, the new season looks more fierce than ever. Sometimes, the action is such an overkill, that I wish they'd pull back a little and let relationships develop..but the writers never seem to have time for that.

Scott gets a blow torch tattoo.


  1. I kinda wish I git into Teen Wolf, I heard it was good.

  2. I hope no one tries that way of getting a tattoo at home.

  3. I so need to see Teen Wolf. It sounds awesome! :)

  4. I agree about Teen Wolf. I love it, but parts I'm not that fond of, either.