Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wee bits

Earth day was really cold and cloudy. Of course, none of my pictures turned out. We hiked about a mile to get to the park. Saw all that the environmental people had to offer. Bought some olive oil soap to help some place. Got some scented oil.

Not a huge turn out. Only one guy was dancing all by his lonesome while the free concert was going.  Naturally, his robotic dance inspired a character for me. Lars says he was high.

Finally, we warmed up at Jones Brothers. And I found macarooms! Yeah. Lars later found red wine from France and I found cookies from France at some gourmet grocery store. Then he had to have this goat cheese that ended up costing 20 bucks. Oh, the things we spend money on.

Its on my wish list!

A little snow fell last night or maybe it was the night before. Its just taking some time for things to warm up. Naturally, we are warming up to Hemlock Grove.

Landon and Bill

 OK, so its not going to win any awards, but instead of waiting for plot twist to really devlope on Hemlock Grove, we are listening for Bill's accent to change. Ever so often we get a certain 'er from his words or 'us. Then Landon will say something and Lars will say "Was that Canadian?" Yeah, we have fun over the slightest things.

Maybe I can dream I'm somewhere else.

All these clouds just makes me want to sleep.

Last week I did get to see my Lakota Sioux friend. He's working at the BBQ place. It was good to chat with him. His hair is back to its natural color. He is trying to grow something on his chin, but I think its about 3 hairs. He really has the sweetest voice and sweetest smile.


  1. A lot of people are getting into Hemlock Grove!

  2. I'm shipping Landon and Bill..naturally..=)

  3. I really get a bit grossed out when guys try to grow facial hair and just can't. I know it's not nice....but it's true.