Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lost Journal


I ended up going to the game last night. Nothing better to do. Anyway, Til said I could stay over. Except after the game she got mixed up with Todd who's a real jerk, btw. And I was left there waiting on the hood of her locked car til the wee hours of morning.

Good thing the weather was good. But it was awful lonely for quiet awhile. Needless to say I was furious and how she treats me like a nobody, if she thinks she's got a chance with a guy.

It was so lonely and I was quite sad and mad and an idiot to wait there, so long. Good thing my mp3 player is long lasting or it would have completely been a horrible time.

Although, lots of time to think about all the people I dislike in the world. But I kept thinking of the book I found at the book store. Teen Witch. Got lots of positive stuff in it about karma and things.

I don't think I'll be staying with Til anymore. Besides she likes for me to lie for her too, and I hate that.


I finally picked up the package where I babysit. I got this tin of cute little lemon cookies from my auntie. They're so yummy. Wished I'd remembered to get it sooner.

Of course, she sent me a copy of The Wreckers which I'm not all that crazy about since its country. Its Michelle Branch and some blonde.

Although, its really not all that bad. I think I could learn to like it. And I will confess I have a soft spot for Carrie Underwood's "Jesus, take the wheel" and thats extremely country...and sappy and I wish it wouldn't get to me, but it does.

I'm kind of combating a headache at the moment. It sort of happened as soon as Jonah called to tell me he has strep throat.

No wonder he wasn't at the game. I looked for him everywhere other night even if I was supposed to be scoping out all the hotties with Til and friends.


I would have much rather been at his house watching HGTV. He tells me now he has dreams about designing things. Building stuff like the Junk Brothers. His all time favorite show.

Crazy guy.

He plans on trying out for the play this year, but he doesn't think he'll get it since he's not a junior. He was a set builder(or what ever they call them) last year so I'm pretty sure he'll do that once again.

Well, better finish up my hot tea, wash some dishes. See if we have anything to eat in the house. I'm not betting that we do. I can't remember the last time Dad actually went grocery shopping. Going out for beer and bringing back whiskey is not grocery shopping.

Actually, I'm not sure where he is at the moment. Maybe I'll just clean up then go to Jonah's house. I'll take my chances. If I get sick, I get sick.


  1. I'm glad she's willing to take her chances! :)

  2. she seems pretty cool! lol. I have Teen Witch, a great book!

  3. I feel sad for her ..having a friend like that.

  4. Love the Teen Witch part.