Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Lost Journal


I'm back.

Jonas took me to lunch which meant sandwiches from some grocery store. It was a nice enough day that we went to the lake to sit and walk about. It was kind tiring. Actually.

Its not that I don't appreciate his company, but he's so damn laid back. Not at all like my giddy girlfriends who can jump around acting crazy anywhere.

But I got my stuff at Wal-greens. He paid for what I couldn't, which was a couple of dollars over. He didn't say anything about it, either. So maybe he's my best friend yet. Believe me Candy would have talked about it. And Tilly would have made a major case out of it, too. So its cool. So cool we can't even talk about it.

Now I want a nap after being so bored. I can hardly hold my eyes open.


I don't know what got in to me, but I'm up. Already. And I don't even go to school today. Its freshmen and new people. But I want to take a peak, just the same. You know, see what's up. Talk to some of my teachers, maybe.

I can only hope somebody will put me to work today for something. Like manning a desk or showing students whatever.

But I'm not a cheerleader nor the president of anything so I'm not getting my hopes up. And if I have to hear Jenny J. tell me how her year's already started because she's a cheerleader, I just might kick her. I know I wouldn't, but I'd oh so enjoy it.


I can't say school is perfect because it isn't. OK, Its not that my classes are completely awful yet. They could be if I don't pay attention enough. Its just I can't get my hopes up about anything. I can't.

And my stomach hurts at the moment. I don't know if its serious or just gas. Don't laugh at me. I'm serious. It could be. I can't tell for sure.

I hate that.

But I seem to eat all the wrong things. Then my stomach hurts. Then I can't sleep.

Why was I waiting for school to start?


  1. The start of school is always a nerve-wracking experience. :/

  2. Feel better soon.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, stomach aches are the worst!