Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wee Bits

Its my friend's birthday and I think she has the flu. We were going to go out..but guess now. Someone got food poisoning at work. She's still out.

I'm having a terrible time sleeping at night..but would so love to go to sleep about 2 in the afternoon. Which I'm not. But I want too. I wanted to watch all of Defiance..but I thought I'd better shut it off by nine and just sort of a little in bed and hope sleep would come. It was better last night, but my cat started wailing about 11. I forgot his snack. No, I have not trained the cat. The cat has trained me.

Weather is still hanging on to the chill..which..that means good sleeping weather. According to Lars, anyway.

Hopefully, this won't happen at our Valentino's.

Valentinos the pizza place is back. Except..its a TO GO place. Oh, how I miss their wonderful salad bar. We used to go there for all our family celebrations when I was little, but then the one in our town closed. Now, its taken up space where various burrito places opened from time to time.

Only 12 minute episodes..but sometimes, well worth it.

Oh..I found Children's Hospital to watch on NetFlix. I always wanted to watch it. Its really umm..maybe its not for everyone. While much more hipster.

So, still fighting the sweets at work. What else is new?

The Bronze Age really does go with everything.


  1. Gah! We are so in the same boat regarding sleeping - I've been suffering from the exact same thing lately. :/

    The Bronze Age is exquisite! :)

  2. Aw I hope she gets better!

  3. HA! I think your cat might be related to my cat! Also, cute nail polish! I will have to hunt down that shade!