Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wee bits

I watched GOON. Yes, I did. I didn't completely hate it. Yet, a lot of it I did. For one thing, this was Jay Baruchel's film that he help produce and write and it was so bad (the writing). All he could do was say the F word, over and over and over. His character was horrible. On the other hand, he got such a great cast. And when Seann William Scott's character was off the ice, he was actually a nice guy. Perhaps, this might be my favorite Scott's character. Naturally, there was Marc-Andre Grondin to oogle over. It was nice to hear him speak English..maybe...but more French please! Because his character was possibly a little over the top as the hockey player who was more arrogant than I wanted to see. Yet, I have a feeling, Hockey is definitely in his blood, and always has been. And this guy could look good in just about any scene. Apparently, I feel certain Grondin knows this, or maybe he doesn't even care.
Still the very trashy factor remained. But if you like your hockey, it just might be the movie for you.

The real reason why I watched the film.

Lars absolutely hated TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT. "Its getting dumber in every scene." Or so he said. So much for staying in. But its been so cold out. I'm hoping we get to see JOHN DIES AT THE END, somewhere..somehow.

What can I say? Nick Hoult rocks as a zombie! I loved this film. Warm Bodies.
Honestly, no other actor could have pulled this off quite like he did. I'm so glad he's having a chance to show what he's made of. Jack the Giant Slayer is  out in March. I want to see that film too. He plays Jack, but its not the typical fairy tale, either.

 “What wonderful thing didn’t start out scary?
R, Warm Bodies

Don’t be creepy don’t be creepy don’t be creepy!
R, Warm Bodies 

In other news....I took a nap. It was suppose to be a 15 minute power nap. But I'd been exercising and shoveling snow..and well..I guess, I couldn't help it. Anyway, Lars was in the dream. He was a private investigator. And I was his unwilling partner. I suppose. He wanted me to follow a police officer. Imagine that? So I park where he tells me. In this drive way to watch his house. Well, I fall asleep in the car. Basically, its a dream about sleeping somewhere else.

It was so strange. I mean, I'm trying to wake up in my dream. My heart started pounding crazy. Needless to say, I was really tired when I woke up.


  1. i like lights in ur bedroom.. makes u feel like a star :)

  2. Warm Bodies looks so awesome - and I'm digging the fairy lights! :)

  3. I cannot wait to see Warm Bodies! I have Tardis twinkle lights wrapped around my bed :P

  4. So want to see John Dies at the end.