Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wee Bits

Some warmer weather. But not that warm. Especially with wind and sometimes ice in the rain. Oh, the joys of February.

Honestly, the dog saves the movie.

We did stay in to watch John Dies at the End. I think the book is better. It was a weird movie.

I love Lucy Punch!

Funny, how I have to see more shows that aren't on prime time. Then I find out that Ben & Kate has been cancelled. I thought the show was much better than NEW GIRL. Happy Endings might be getting the axe and even the Mindy Project, too. While The Neighbors get the go ahead on ABC. Which has taken me forever to warm up too. Also I found out BBC cancelled Being Human. How could they? I so love Hal and Tom. At least one last season.

I finally got a chance to see Fresh Meat from the UK. And I was so sure I'd love it since Annie Griffin directs and has even written an episode. Unfortunately, this is not Book Group. And I love Book Group. Valentines Day has been moved to Friday. Lars promised a Heart shaped pizza and a frozen drink of some kind. He's not really a flowers and jewelry kind of guy.

With that I'll leave you with Miniature Tigers' Sex on the Regular. Hopefully, you won't find it too naughty. However, the song has been in my head and I like working out to it. Honestly, it makes me think of a new couple to write about that I've been putting on hold in my Ellie stories. It would definitely be their theme song.


  1. Cancelling Happy Endings?! NO! NO PLEASE! I love that show!
    I'm yet to read John Dies at the End, but I really want to. Have you read anything else by that author?
    I'm currently reading Embassytown by China Mieville... it's my first China novel and it's very dense!

  2. I loved Ben & Kate. I hope Happy Endings will stick around. Sad about UK's Being Human too.

  3. Lucy Punch, Lucy Punch...I have loved her since Ella Enchanted! :)

  4. Lucy Punch - she has such an expressive face! I love her.

    Also, heart shaped pizza seems like an excellent celebration.

  5. Heart shaped pizza sound great!