Friday, February 1, 2013

One Love

He had the place all to himself. Gus enjoyed roaming the stacks in the dark of the old library. It was endless, but he really wasn't much for actually picking the book up and turning the page. Perhaps he was just old school about this. Naturally, he was a loner and was there really a school for vampires?

He wasn't one to stick around. Besides, there was a rebellion at the time and he thought he might be good as dead, but thanks to his older brother Pleasant, he was still here.

That was ages ago. Besides, Gus was in the library long before it was a library. It had been many things. Like a bank. Before then, it was such a spacious place for merchandise. Of course, he'd stayed out of the way. The attic was his home. And he was a way from the others.

Too much fighting for his taste. Of course, Pleasant would assume he hadn't any taste at all. Maybe he didn't. Yet he couldn't go around looking like a reanimater of some kind, as if he were ready to jump into a Jane Austen novel.

It really wasn't so rough making his home in the library.

1. Augustus Dean loved books. After all, he was sort of a scholar.
2. He honestly wasn't into any sort of brotherhood, bromance or what ever they were calling it these days.
3. He wanted to be left alone.
4. After all these decades, his brother hadn't found him.
5. Yet, he was certain, he'd never hear the end of it, if the other Dean brother was around. Wasn't he just another selfish prick, after all?

Maybe Gus wasn't as worldly as Pleasant expected. After all, his dear brother was lost in Paris for sometime. The last Gus heard in a very inky post card, his brother was off in Greece. So long ago.

Yes, Augustus Dean was very much on his own. Somewhere in the shadows he lurked. He doubted anyone knew he was really there. Only he'd compel the unexpected, sample a taste of them and listen to their thoughts.

What a dreadful society it was. Therefore he'd lure them into some of the old books. Have them read silently so he could savor every word. Gus took the notion that perhaps it was the best of both worlds. Who knew, maybe someone out there was learning more than they ever expected in this world.