Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nano Days

30-Day NaNo Challenge Q & A
Day 1 - Have you participated in NaNoWriMo before? If so, which years and what end result? 
Yes, 2010 and 2011. I reached the goal both times
If not (or even if so, for that matter), what’s your connection to writing?  Why do you want to participate this year?
To challenge myself. See if I can do it better. Enjoy it more.
Day 2 - What’s the title of your story?  Why did you choose the name you did?
Never Never Ever which is inspired by a Taylor Swift song. Basically, it was from an idea of a Flash Fic I wrote.
Day 3 - Pick one of your female characters.  Introduce your readers to her, from her point of view and her words only.
Lori Anderson
"I don't think of myself as a popular person. I mean, I know popular people. Its something my best friend thinks I rebel against. Maybe I do. But I would have never had the courage to be myself if it hadn't been for meeting Tobey Jones at a Halloween party.

Day 4 - What genre is your novel?  Why did you pick it?
YA is usually my favorite genre. I do enjoy writing Young Women's fiction. I don't really see myself as a romance writer.


  1. I love YA - there is something so satisfying about coming of age stories.

  2. aawwww that can is so cute with the ingredients!!