Friday, November 9, 2012

Nano Days

I’ve always wanted to do NaNoWriMo, but I never have an idea/motivation/time to do it. And especially now, when all I want to do today is take photographs, read, listen to music, and sleep, I find myself dreaming up snippets of characters and plots. I have a grand total of two incomplete stories buzzing around my brain that I had hoped to transform into graphic novels, but I cannot bring myself to face the confinement of comic panels. So they will stay stagnant until I can find a better use for them.
But wait. What if I were to choose one and turn it into a novel—in the classic sense, like what NaNoWriMo is about! That would make the storyboarding process a million times easier!-Jess

NaNo Moment #2
When you realize the purpose of that random character that showed up earlier.

Mark L. Carter

 I'd like to think of that character as Carter. He is kind of a friend of Lori's. They don't know how much they are really friends until she sees him once night at a concert. His indie band is performing. Its a chance for Lori to break away from her regular school friends. I think its a chance for her to look at her own creativity more.

Lori wasn’t exactly sure if she were happy or sad as she climbed up the stairway to her room. A part of her imagined living all alone in Paris or some big city. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be much different from the real deal. She wouldn’t have any fabulous friends. In the end, wouldn’t she be alone, anyway?-never never ever

“Sorry to hear, about Andy.” He was the only one who was sad that she didn’t make it to the concert.

Lori slid the books out that she needed for science.

“Thanks, Carter.” She watched him put a stringy piece of his hair behind his ear. Sometimes, she thought they should go out. Maybe a real date, but when he did things ever so femine like this, she wondered then if she was even his type. Still she liked being his friend. “I went to Jared’s Halloween party last night.” She had to get  that in before he started talking about what indie band was in town.

“It didn’t suck?” He winced as if he was hoping it would.

“Not exactly.” She couldn’t help but smile. “It could have, if..if it hadn’t been for Tobey.”-never never ever