Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nano Days

“What did you do?” Tia wanted to know as soon as she found Lori sitting on the hood of her car.

“Nothing.” Lori’s makeup was smudged, a great deal. She looked as if she’d been put through an obstacle course of some sort.

“I leave you alone for thirty minutes and you’re nowhere to be found.” Tia eyeballed her as she unlocked the car door.

“More like three hours, Tia.” Lori said so bitterly as she jammed her fists deeper into the thermal black jacket that was not her jacket. Tia knew.

“It wasn’t that long.” Tia didn’t think so.

“So did you make up?” Lori got in the car. She couldn’t wait for Tia to get the heat going.

“I suppose.” Tia sighed. (from NEVER NEVER EVER, my NaNoWrimo novel)

NaNoWrimo Problems
Sat down at 2pm, ready to write.
Gave the NaNo forums a quick look.
Lost 4 hours.
NEVER AGAIN.  I will now stick to my ‘no looking at the forums unless 100+ words ahead’ rule.-Hattie

Now she was stuck with her Friday night date with Jared. She needed Lori to keep her company. But Lori had to babysit. A likely story, Tia guessed as she hugged herself.

She didn’t believe Lori was telling her everything about Halloween night. Something had happened. She could sense it.


  1. Forums always seem capable of sucking time away. LOVE the pictures you featured here!! :)

  2. i have to check out the forum... it must have been really good!!

  3. Oh, its easy to procrastinate while writing a novel.