Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nano Days

Lori and Tia

nanowrimo tip #8: 
you need to spend as much time as you can writing so cut out unnecessary tasks like bathing, clothing yourself, leaving the house, etc.

Honestly, I do feel Tia is important to the story. Sometimes, I feel maybe her story is more important than Lori's.-ellie

I love how my Nano novel is a mix between ‘I planned this all ahead’ and ‘I make this up as I go’.
Because I don’t strictly follow the scenes I pre-planned. Of course, that looks like it’s putting all my planning to shame … but I like it this way. There are some flaws in pre-planning scenes and I don’t mind correcting them while actually writing the scenes. Like now, I had a problem figuring out how to get Gavin to go somewhere alone.
Now I know how I’m going to do it without starting some major drama.

Yay. :D
(To be fair, most of the stuff I planned is only vaguely written down in my notebook and I think I’ll shift a scene that is up next because in hindsight the timing doesn’t seem right.) 
Btw, almost 10 pages of pre-planned plot amount to 42 760 words now. There are some scenes though that are not in my notebook but that’s alright because like I said: I make some stuff up as I go. <3 - Sparrow

Featuring pictures of Kristen Alderson. She plays Starr Manning on One Life to Live and General Hospital.


  1. That tip is hilarious; and I LOVE that last picture - so cute!! :)

  2. Hahaha, so great! I love how you are getting into it! She's cute!

  3. cute tip! stay in and stay dirty... but win win win!