Monday, November 5, 2012

Nano Days

How some people do it. A good bottle of wine and some very drunk writing. Thus, I have not done this. Not since the time I started a pirate story and thought I might smoke my Dad's pipe while I was writing. I threw up shortly after and have never tried it again.


My Nanowrimo novel in progress. 1. Nick Hoult as Tobey. 2. Mark L. Young as Carter. 3. Liz Gillis as Lori.
4.Kristen Alderson as Tia 5. Steven Kruger as Jared

It hasn't been a fantastic start on writing. Well, I did reach 10 thousand words over the weekend, so that was great.

That awkward moment when you’re writing a chase scene, and you start typing really fast, get breathless, and need to take a break to drink some water.
And my poor characters still haven’t gotten a break. More trouble is coming their way.-E

Still, I managed to delete about six thousand e-mails. Yeah, I know, who lets stuff like that pile up? Me, evidently.

2012 NaNoWriMo Problems
My Main Character preferes having wine with his sister to advancing the story.

Funny, how I began to procrastinate. When houseworks starts to sound fun. Well, not really. I have never really enjoyed housework that much. Although, I swept the basement stairs which is not so delightful. On the downside (or depending how you look at it) I've been in my PJs all weekend long.

Anyway, I've decided I'd write the story a lot like I do my blog stories. Let it be character driven and with a lot of characters. I went with my NEVER NEVER EVER flash fiction. So the story is from a lot of point of views.

Although, I had one friend hound me about how he thought the flash fic was about a closet in a corn field. And over the weekend, I did have two people point out to me in my MAX episode with Crosby that they thought he had a gun. It was only a price gun, something he uses at work. Although, a friend of mine got in trouble once because he brought his box cutter from work to school. Not a good thing.

I've been tempted to crochet. But I have made two hats already in the last few weeks. One too big, and the other too small using the Twilight Barret pattern from Crochet Today.


  1. I so feel you on procrastinating. I finally got around to cleaning the house this weekend and I feel a lot better, but there are still so many projects I need to get done.

    Good luck with everything, making hats sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. It sounds like NaNo is going pretty well actually! Good job. I haven't been knitting or crocheting at all :(

  3. I'm lik'n the cast!

    Keep writing!!

  4. so glad u are entering!! best of luck!