Friday, October 26, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday

PROMPT: Being tricked at a Halloween Party.

INSPIRATION: Taylor Swifts' "We are never never ever getting back together again"



Did she really think she even looked like Taylor Swift? Well, I was beginning to think she was going through guys like Swift's love life as of late, but I would not mention it. As it was Tia had Taylor Swift's latest CD pumping through her little Red Fit.

"Is this going to be the soundtrack of the night?" I was already disgusted with the idea of going to a Halloween party. I got in  wearing my THIS IS MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME. DEAL WITH IT Tee-shirt. I was all in black. Black skinny jeans, black nail polish and even black lipstick. I was all set to go to the BLACK VEIL BRIDES concert, but they bailed the last minute. Supposedly, Andy got the flu.

"Just get in the car, Lori." She snarled at me.

We were going to her ex-boyfriend's Halloween bash. I still wasn't sure what her plan was. But there were no baseball bats in the backseat, so I guessed it wouldn't be violent. They'd had a falling out over a text that Tia was certain was from a girl from another school.

Honestly, I thought Tia was using it as a way to move on. Of course, I wasn't sure if going to his party was exactly something forward. She called it closure.

It looked like a disgusting teenage angst drinking party in the middle of a corn field to me. But whatever, there was no Andy Bierback here for me. I was not drawn to boys in shorts and tank tops on a crisp Halloween night, who chugged beer like idiots. Yet, they were the true natives to our little heartland town. Talking up the Huskers if they weren't claiming their own fame of Friday night football.

I looked around to the usuals.

"Isn't being the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so last year?" One of the populars commented with a glare.

I wouldn't even bother, but I grabbed a red cup of beer, just to hold on to something and wait to see if Tia did Jared in. Before I knew it, they went upstairs.

I rolled my eyes thinking this would be a long night. 

As luck would have it, a game of spin the bottle was going on. I thought I'd watch. Next thing I knew, I swear they'd drug me. I didn't even remember tasting the liquor, but I was sitting in the circle as if I were meant to play the game. Possibly, I was just bored.

I looked at the needy faces. Did I really want to go in the closet with any of them? Some were thirsty football players. I was sure they might be in a werewolf pack. The way they looked at me like fresh meat.

My face tensed when it was my turn. I looked at the stairwell, hoping Tia might save me, but of course she wouldn't. I said a little prayer, hoping someone would look out for me. I did not want to be mauled by one of these fools.

Finally, I spinned the bottle.  Was there even a winner here? I closed my eyes wondering who would it be. Who would I  spend five minutes of hell with?

The tip of the bottle faced Tobey Jones. I gritted a smile. He looked at me as if he dreaded this moment as much as I did. But he did make a pretty good zombie.

I bit my bottom lip as I got up. Neither of us could chicken out now.

He never said much. I kind of thought he was always special as in sort of mental. But I didn't really know him.

I opened the closet door. He turned on the light bulb over head. It already felt as if we might be doomed. A lot like my love life.

Just as directed. Step in. Lights off. Whatever happens..happens.

As soon as it was dark, that's when the F bomb went off. I'd never heard as many fuming curse words in all my life coming from Mr. Silent. Tobey Jones never said anything in class. Tobey Jones smirked at us all, when he was the only one who aced the Algerbra test. This guy was a regular vulgar maniac.

"Holy shit." I laughed. "It was you, I heard that time, next to the science lab in the closet."

I couldn't help but smile. What a little surprise that I was the only one who knew? Honestly, maybe an awful demon actually lived inside of Tobey Jones. But his secret was safe with me. After all, I sealed it with a kiss.


  1. Haha, what a cute story! Perfect for Halloween! :)

  2. I would kind of like to know how things went with Tobey and

  3. I think Lori and I may be the same person.

    I really appreciated this story, definitely.

  4. Spine-tingling! I absolutely love it!! :)

  5. great halloween story!!