Friday, September 14, 2012

Past the point

"No, shit." Noah did his best to hold it under his breath.

Who was that guy at their house? On instinct he knew it was trouble. Terrible trouble. His mother did not have boyfriends. Never, in fact. Especially, one to walk around bare assed in the dark.

Noah eyed the naked man coming out of the upstairs bathroom. It was still dark. He'd gotten up to get Josie something to drink. Thankfully, his mother felt sorry for his girlfriend and was letting her stay with him.

After all, she was pregnant with his kid.

Naturally, it wasn't that funny when her Mom mentioned him earlier that night when they were alone in the kitchen.

"And to think I thought you were gay all this time." She was so sincere about it. He couldn't stay mad at her. Besides, he was washing the dishes while Josie was doing laundry.

Things definitely changed since being on the run with Josie and his brother Jonah, who was staying with Lexie, in her basement lair.

They'd grown up over the summer. Hell, it was practically winter. But they were back now. It would be normal, even if things changed.

And now this. He squinted hard thinking he needed to call Jonah now, to let him know. Something was up. Only Jonah didn't know. He couldn't think this guy was with his mother for the sake of wanting her motherly love.

No, he couldn't think of his mother being desirable. Actually. He wasn't suppose too. After all, she was his mother.

But this guy was naked. He was definitely doing things with his mother in the dark in her bedroom. Noah squinted hard on his way back to his room with the orange juice for Josie.

"What's the matter?" She was in his bed in his P.J. bottoms and tight stretchy wife beater that exposed her baby bum.

"Well.." He didn't want to scare her. "I..I saw the weirdest thing." He so wished it was a dream. Even so, it was a nightmare.

"How weird?" Her eyes were so big with worry as she took the juice and drank it as if her blood sugar might be low.

"Mom's got a her room." Noah told her.

"That's weird." Josie winced then and went into a big monologue how his mother was a desirable woman and how lonely she must have been while he was away.

Noah got back in bed. They cuddled after she downed the juice and he switched off the lamp. He hoped she was right. He hoped. But he couldn't wait to tell his brother about this.

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